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    Our events are something to remember!

    We conduct memorable creative events for people who live in cities and regions of Belarus.

    Small Rivers Festivals in Sharkovschina and Pinsk district, European Mobility Weeks in Polotsk, inclusive festival INFEST in Volozhin, Polotsk Light Festival – these are some of the events that we conducted in Belarus from 2015 till 2019.

    Since 2012, we have been helping the city of Polotsk to boost their creativity and conduct memorable Energy Days – annual events to promote energy and climate. Since 2016, and the Covenant of Mayors Supporter in Belarus, we have been coordinating Energy Days in other Belarusian CoM signatory cities.

    From 2013 till 2015, Interakcia had been a lead partner in the SAY CHEESE project which aimed to build capacities of photographers in the Eastern Partnership countries and explore photo art as a way to promote the Eastern Partnership region.

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