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    We promote an inclusive society in Belarus.

    We are implementing the Volozhin Without Barriers project, which aims to improve infrastructure and recreational services for people with disabilities, as well as to develop inclusive tourism in the Volozhin district.

    19 buildings have been already adapted for people with disabilities, including hospitals, schools, kindergartens and libraries in Volozhin distrct.

    The first fully accessible ecological trail Belokorets appeared in Nalibokskaya Pushcha. On the 1.3 km-long trail, tactile maps, accessible gazebos and lavatories, as well as information boards written in clear language and duplicated in Braille appeared.

    As part of the project, an inclusive camp and the INFEST festival took place on the Belokorets trail. During the week, camp participants and volunteers created a sensory path and art objects, built houses for birds and insects, and prepared the space for the inclusive INFEST festival.


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