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    Choose your move with European Mobility Week


    This year, 85 belarusian cities will join in the European Mobility Week (EMW), for the fifth time.

    The EMW is held every year on September 16-22

    Its main goal is to show to the city residents that the automobile is far from the only convenient means of transportation in the city, while there are much more eco-friendly alternatives. The campaign gives people the chance to explore the role of city streets, to experiment with practical solutions to tackle urban challenges, such as air pollution and be more attentive to the public health and quality of life.

    The campaign will traditionally culminate on September 22, when the entire world celebrates the Car Free Day. 18 belarusian cities will support this initiative among their residents. The theme of EMW 2020 puts a spotlight on the importance of accessibility to zero-emission transport and promotes an inclusive framework involving everyone. The motto of the year 2020 is “Choose your move”.

    Every year, as part of the European Mobility Week and the World Car-Free Day, motorists are encouraged to stop using vehicles for a day or even a week in favor of public transport, bicycles and walking.

    The campaign is being rolled out in close connection with other EU transport initiatives, including several notable programs in Belarus:

    • CIVITAS (City Vitality and Sustainability – “Cleaner and better transport in cities”). The Interakcia Foundation helped Polotsk become the first city in our country to join the CIVITAS global network of cities.
    • SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, which is promoted under the motto “Planning for People”). The SUMP concept forms the basis of several international projects implemented in Navapolack and Polack (From Energy Efficiency to Urban Mobility Project). As part of these projects, these cities held thematic events and for the first time in the country officially registered as participants in EMW-2015.
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