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    Preparing for a friendly competition on sustainable development


    In early May 2021 the project team of ‘Covenant of Mayors for localizing the SGDs in Karma and Smarhon’ together with the ‘Climate Alliance’ representatives as well as the coordinators from Karma and Smarhon had an online meeting to learn about the ‘Change the Future’ online tool. They’ve learned about the possibilities for cooperation it provides, the activities one can choose from and the ways of collecting the Changer Points.

    The German colleagues representing the Climate Alliance – Silke Lunnebach, the Project Coordinator and Katrin Jurisch, the National Coordinator  – have told the Belarusian colleagues about the competition between the two German cities. For four weeks Frankfurt am Main and Giessen competed against each other in a friendly competition and set an example for more sustainability. More than 120 citizens took part and, with the help of the Climate Alliance Change the Future tool,they took actions for a more sustainable future. They were choosing activities from the tool’s four categories –  #consumption, #energy, #mobility and #food – collecting Changer Points to secure a more sustainable future for themselves and their cities. Besides collecting the points and learning how to make life more eco-friendly, the participants were able to take part in a guided city tour and a zero-waste workshop.

    Frankfurt am Main won with a total of 11,175 Changer Points but Giessen was ahead with 408 points in respect to points per 10,000 inhabitants
    Volha Salakheyeva, the Communication Specialist and Darya Stepnova, the Project Manager have explained the coordinators from Karma and Smarhon what are the steps to register their municipalities at the tool’s website, how can the participants compete individually or in teams, and how to collect Changer Points.

    In June 2021 a sustainable development competition ‘Change Yourself – Not The Climate’ will take place in the Belarusian cities.It will be dedicated to the European Union Sustainable Energy Week and the Energy Days. With the help of  the ‘Change the Future’ tool the cities will be able to tell about the eco-friendly and sustainable way of life. Together they will be able to shape the future through simple and engaging activities. This tool is available online to everyone free of charge.

    This project is implemented with the assistance of the Support Programme of Belarus (SPB). The Support Programme of Belarus is realized by the Dortmund International Education Center (IBB Dortmund) by assignment from the Federal Ministry of the Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Society for the International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ).

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